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Shenzhen Parkland Group Co., Ltd.

As an enterprise that specializes in real estate development, we also have business interests spanning the health industry, commercial operations, property management, and PE investment. With forward-thinking strategic planning, a sound management system, and market leading capabilities that increasingly strengthen our brand influence, we have always been committed to creating a high quality of life. Ten years in the making, the One Shenzhen Bay complex has become an embodiment of our persistent pursuit of higher standards and our determination to turn visionary ideas into reality. The project includes premium apartments, class A+ office buildings, Raffles luxury hotel rooms, Raffles branded apartments, and the One Bay customized commercial center. It has been designed specifically for the creation of a world-class lifestyle platform in and for Shenzhen. Over the years, One ShenzhenBay has been in the spotlight in the high-end real estate industry. Having received many international awards along the way, it has blossomed into a coastal complex that enjoys global influence. In the new ear of Parkland’s history, we remain committed to making our processes standardized, specialized and refined, whilst increasing brand presence and awareness both locally and globally. Focusing on technology, environmental protection, culture and art, we aim to be a global leader that sets high standards in the construction industry. At home, we seek to cement our presence in certain regional areas, whilst at the same time constantly striving to expand our footprint across the whole nation. Going forward, we will provide housing for upper and middle-income people, as well as to new arrivals to cities who seek to enjoy a better quality of urban living. That's how we intend to add something special to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also to contribute to China's urban development.

Chronicle of events

Pengrui Zhuhai Brand Strategy Conference

Pengrui · Shangfu - urban renewal unit project of Enshang village, Yantian, Shenzhen officially started

Pengrui · jinyuewan officially opened for sale

Pengrui · haoyuewan project conference and establishment of Shunde Branch of Shenzhen Bay Association

The T5, T6 and T8 apartments in Southern District No.1 of pengrui Shenzhen Bay won the highest level in China - "national three-star green building operation sign" certification

Pengrui · haoyuewan star sky Art Museum officially opened

Pengrui · Tianyue project 2020 global release ceremony and establishment of Dongguan branch of Shenzhen Bay Association

Pengrui Dongguan Humen Huangcun urban renewal project officially launched

Pengrui Tianyue the one modern art museum exhibition center opens

Shenzhen Bay 1 completed

Shenzhen Pengrui Raffles Hotel opened

Through bidding, auction and listing, we successively won the plots of Zhuhai, Dongguan and Foshan, the core cities of Dawan district

One Shenzhen Bay's T7 building successfully passes final inspections

Establishing the group development strategy of "regional deep ploughing and national development"

The One Shenzhen Bay Center is made available for rent

One Shenzhen Bay's 350-meter-high T7 tower is completed

Homes in the south section of One Shenzhen Bay (Phase I) are successfully decorated for customer use

The Kelly Hoppen-designed apartments are unveiled

One Shenzhen Bay's south building (Phase II) successfully passes inspections

The mass concrete pouring of the T7 floor is kick-started

T5 high-altitude apartments designed by Yabu Pushelberg go up for sale

T8 low-altitude apartments are put up for sale

"One Bay Commerce Global Investment Conference" is held

Parkland Group moves to the T1 office building at One Shenzhen Bay

At the branding strategy conference for One Shenzhen Bay, T4 apartments are brought to market

At a press event, T5 and T6 super apartments at One Shenzhen Bay are officially launched

The tailored apartments of One Shenzhen Bay are rolled out at a product launch event

One Shenzhen Bay enters into a cooperation agreement with Raffles

T3 apartments are put on the market for sale

The construction of One Shenzhen Bay's southern section kicks off

Construction begins on the north section of One Shenzhen Bay

KPF is entrusted with the overall planning and design of One Shenzhen Bay

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  • The Sky Concert Hall – The World's Highest Concert Hall
  • US Green Building LEED Gold Certification
  • WELL Gold Precertification
  • China's Top 10 Future Residences – Influencing the Future Gold Award
    High-Quality Structural Engineering Award
    Green Building Demonstration Project Certified by the China Construction Industry Association
  • Five-star Top Award for Apartments in Asia-Pacific Region of International Real Estate
    International Real Estate Asia-Pacific Best Complex Award

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Technology | Environmental | Protection | Culture and Arts


国际视野 极致创新


With our global vision,

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we aim to create a world-class lifestyle platform that is able to improve people’s quality of living.


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International vision, extreme innovation.


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