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Public Undertakings Make Life Better
Established in May 2018, Shenzhen Parkland Qihang Charity Foundation is part of the Parkland Group Enterprise Foundation. Parkland Group has long worked to serve the common good by getting involved in public programs. With value creation and CSR work rega

It has invested 4 million yuan in "Teach for China" programs over the course of two consecutive years, sending a total of 87 teachers to Guangdong and Yunnan, and benefiting more than 40,000 students.

It worked with the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundation to care for sanitation workers in Shenzhen, with over 2 million yuan committed to the charity.

In 2018, the foundation cooperated with the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau to establish a cultural activity center in Fachangcun, a village in Guangdong Province. It also helped to make network cable television available to all homes and install surveillance cameras in the village. A total of more than 3 million yuan was donated in the process.

In 2018, working with the Jack Ma Foundation, it donated 2.7 million yuan towards building a boarding school named Huanglian Primary School in Yunnan Province.

It donated 20 million yuan to the Hupan University Entrepreneurship and Research Foundation to co-build the university.

In 2018, the foundation carried out a one-million-yuan project to care for people with disabilities in collaboration with the Southern Charity Foundation of the Rural Development Research Center.

In 2015, it donated medical equipment worthy of 20 million yuan to Yunnan Health and Family Planning Commission.

It has donated 100,000 yuan to Shenzhen Press Group to help it organize charity marches for five years running.

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